What Is CrossFit

CrossFit is a dynamic strength and conditioning program performed in a group setting that is always challenging, sporting, supportive and fun! Combining elements from gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and mobility work; it’s the preferred training system for individuals who are passionate about holistic fitness and empowering their human potential!


CrossFit is designed to be universally scalable and suitable for anyone who is committed to becoming strong and fit, regardless of their gender, shape, size, age or experience

It’s engineered to be efficient, inclusive, comprehensive and extremely varied. The programming does not change, but the intensity and load of each workout can be scaled to meet the current work capacity of every individual – from professional athlete to newcomer and senior citizen alike. With an emphasis on community, functional fitness, and nutrition; CrossFit inspires the physical and mental fortitude that impeccably fuels every area of your life!

Personal Training

We understand that you want to get better. We want you to get better too, whether if it is extra programming to help you get your first pullup, or first muscle up. Talk with us about your goals and we can help craft extra work for you to complete before or after class. Please do not be too timid to ask for extra help at any time.

In order to maximize your training, we ask that you always adhere to the following, as best as you can:

  • No egos allowed
  • Stay conscious of your diet
  • Always take into account feedback from fellow athletes, and willingly give feedback to other athletes
  • Keep an open mind!

are you ready to empower your human potential