Hey Friends!

Brett and I have been increasingly frustrated with Wodify as of late, so we started to explore other possibilities.  We had a few calls with Zen Planner and we can comfortably tell you that we are very pleased with the product and their service, enough to take the time to migrate all of your data and get your account set up most of the way.   Zen Planner has all of the features that we need, workout tracking, leaderboard, likes and comments etc, but is built on Amazon Web Sevices, so unless Amazon goes down, Zen Planner won’t go down.  And if that happens, you can find me cowering under the covers, because I never want to set foot inside Walmart again.  

You have received an email from us containing your new Zen Planner login information and password, as well as a link to their mobile app.  Not much else will change on your end, but we do need you to do one thing for us:

Please update your payment information!

Once you have logged in on growstrongcrossfit.zenplanner.com , on the left click “My Profile” and then “Pay My Bills” at the bottom.  On the next screen, please click “+ADD A PAYMENT METHOD , and then enter your information.  Please, if at all possible, enter ACH information (e-check).  This helps us out A TON!  We greatly appreciate it!  If you need to enter credit card information, it will still work.

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Thanks so much for helping us out with this.  You rock!