Elements Course

Elements is our 1-on-1 course designed to teach you all of the fundamental strength and conditioning movements necessary to safely perform a regular daily WOD (workout of the day). Our Elements program will coach you through all of the Olympic lifts, gymnastic bodyweight exercises, and conditioning techniques that you will encounter in a typical CrossFit class.  Since Elements is done in a 1-on-1 setting, you will get our undivided attention to tailor the experience to your fitness level and to be conscious of any previous injuries or issues you may have.

We will also instruct you on the fundamentals of performance nutrition and healthy eating. Proper nutrition is just as important as physical exercise! Getting your nutrition dialed in will exponentially accelerate your results! In Elements class we will help you determine your current level of fitness, dissect your eating habits and also discuss your individual training goals.

Elements allows for more personalized instruction time by our coaching staff to ensure that you have a solid intellectual and mechanical understanding of all principal CrossFit movements and nutritional concepts prior to joining a regular class workout

After graduating from our Elements course, you will be confident in your ability to enter regular class without intimidation. Come with an open mind, prepared to learn, and be ready for some tough workouts! Also, expect to be supported by a community of coaches and like-minded athletes who will want to learn more about you and help you succeed on your fitness journey!

Elements Course Class Structure


Functional movement to increase the heart rate and achieve the current range of mobility

Movements Instruction

Olympic lifts, Gymnastics, Metabolic Conditioning, various skills


Workout Of the Day, metabolic conditioning using multiple fitness domains

Lecture & Mobility

Nutrition Discussions, Technique or Mobility Homework


Elements Course classes will last 60 minutes

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