(I hope you know how hard it is not to have an amazingly cheesy pun for the title here)


Chance Fitch  joined GrowStrong at the beginning of the summer after his first year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His younger brother had been a member and was looking to increase his athletic prowess to help with his wrestling career – but Chance was looking for something different.  At University, he had gained the standard “Freshman 15″…. and some extra (his words, not mine!).  If I recall correctly, his explanation was something to the effect of “well, my dorm was next to the best soda fountain on the entire Earth!”

Chance was always receptive to coaching and worked extremely hard every class, and the results are easily visible.


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I’ve asked Chance a few questions after his summer with us, and he has kindly written us some amiable words to describe his experience.

What were you looking to find in a non-traditional gym?
Chance: When i joined GrowStrong CrossFit I was looking for a schedule and motivation to work that isn’t given in a traditional gym. I prefer this non-traditional approach to fitness because I am guided through a week of workouts that flow together rather than guessing what workouts worked well for the week. It also forced me to complete workouts. In a traditional gym you can always have an excuse and you can just leave early if you get lazy or lose motivation. At GrowStrong you get an extra burst of energy and motivation to complete workouts, even if they are ridiculously difficult.
What is your favorite thing about GrowStrong?’
My favorite thing about GrowStrong is the family atmosphere that they provide. I felt like i belonged the first day that I was in Elements. People were friendly, approached me with greetings and a smile. I felt like everyone was very welcoming and excited to meet me because of my brother being a returning member. However, I was wrong. GrowStrong simply is filled with a lot of amazing people who welcome everyone with extreme excitement. As I got to know people more, GrowStrong only became better. The gym is filled with very interesting characters. Seth and Brett are the perfect people to run GrowStrong because they promote and contribute to this friendly atmosphere.
Which are your favorite and least favorite movements?
My favorite movement is the thruster. I would never say that during a thruster workout, but I love the difficulty of the movement. It tests both strength and endurance in such a short amount of reps that it makes for a exhausting movement that helps push my limits. I know that anytime that there is thrusters in the workout that I will leave the box satisfied with my workout. My least favorite movement is the wall balls. My form still isn’t that good for this movement and my ball hits me in the face every now and then. In general, its something I’mm a little too sloppy about to be satisfied with.
If you could go back in time and give advice to yourself on your first day, what would it be?
If I could go back to the first day i would make sure to push myself more. CrossFit is an workout platform that is very dependent on pacing yourself. When I started CrossFit I would start ever workout by sprinting and getting through the first round or two as quickly as possible. This would always leave me to lag for the second half of the workout. I felt like once I would lose my pace and momentum I wasn’t able to push myself.
Thanks again Chance for the fun read!  Enjoy your time at UNC and we will see you next Summer (Christmas break too, I suppose?).