All of you know that I don’t have favorite athletes in class – except when it comes to this guy.  There is not another member who works harder in and out of the gym to reach their goals than Josh – and we have plenty of very hard working members.  One of my most memorable conversations with Josh went like this – it was sometime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas of his first few months at GrowStrong.

“Hey dude, did you have anything good over Thanksgiving?”

“Nope, stayed strict!”

“Wow, nice job!  Are you going to eat something bad over Christmas?”

“Nope.  I don’t get to do that any more.”

What a simple and eloquent reply: I don’t get to do that any more.  This sentence has stuck in my head ever since.

The results of Josh’s dedication are obvious.  Here are the short and full length versions of Josh’s interview.

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