[fusion_text]Hey friends! We are going to start getting more updates to you all on the goodies that we eat regularly, but I want to shout out one of my favorites since the holiday season is coming up and everyone could use a nice cheap awesome gift. Lo and behold, there is a contraption from the heavens to create noodles out of vegetables.
I. Love. This. Thing.
Feast (pun intended) your eyes on the spiralizer:

So go ahead and ask for one for yourself and buy one for your mama (I am, and probably my sister too), because they rock.

And for $20, you can’t beat it.  [Amazon]

Paleo Pad Thai: you need this in your lunch life.  It rocks.  Here’s the pin.  It’s savory, salty, sour, and just freaking awesome in general.  If you could use some extra carbs (talk to me if you are unsure), adding some rice noodles is a great option that pairs well with the zucchini.

For more tasty (at least we think so) grub, check out our Pinterest boards.

See you at the box!

Coach Seth[/fusion_text]