Look at this mobility equipment…. just waiting to be used!

We are excited to offer  our athletes a quick and easy way to increase range of motion and recovery from workouts – ROMWOD.  If you’ve already experienced the greatness and would like a free trial for your personal use, there is a link at the bottom of the post so that you can get an extended 14 day free trial.

Standard western yoga is Vinyāsa based yoga, which is much more of a training method in itself than what CrossFitters are looking for to increase mobility and flexibility.  ROMWOD is Yin yoga, which is a passive approach towards increase range of motion.  ROMWOD is much more about relaxing into positions than staying active in poses.

Now you may ask yourself “Since when did Seth become such a yoga buff?”

Well, since I did a few ROMWODs and watched this conveniently linked YouTube podcast from Misfit Athletics where they hosted Jeremiah and Daniel Head for an incredibly informative half hour…
That’s when.  Now, I’m no gold standard of mobility or flexibility or yoga or much else in the gym, unless someone wants to bust out some Star Wars trivia.  But I know talent when I see it, and I’ll go ahead and make a bold statement:

  • ROMWOD will make a profound impact on your ability to perform movements with greater virtuosity (doing the common uncommonly well).

So now you may ask yourself “Where can I do all of these ROMWODs at?”

  • Tuesday nights at the box at 7pm
  • Any time on your own that you go upstairs and grab the box tablet (you probably have never seen it before, because we just got it today).
  • A your house (or really wherever you have the internet)!  There is a link on the bottom of every page on our website to ROMWOD for your personal use, and it is ready to help you get #SWOLEandFLEXY!

So what I would like to see from you all – please take advantage of this program.  If you get to class early, go upstairs and do a ROMWOD.  Stay after and do a ROMWOD.  Please try to find some time to incorporate this into your gym lifestyle.  I’d recommend going through the “Welcome Series”, and then branching out to specifics from there.

If you like the program and would like to try it for yourself, click on the link here following:

ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion[/fusion_text]