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Weekly Grub


Hey friends!  This week we again made use of the Instant Pot (awesome) and made this lasagna soup with some ground pork and ground turkey.  We used a bag of black bean pasta from Trader Joe’s, but if weight loss is one of your goals then you could easily omit it and have a nice low carb lunch!  Here’s the pin.


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Weekly Grub – Happy New Year!


Yes, they made that photo!

So over the holidays we received an Instant Pot – which is essentially a multi-use device that functions as a rice cooker, sauté pan, pressure cooker, slow cooker, and yogurt maker.

Brett has one and loves his.  Here’s the Instant Pot Amazon link.

So this week we made a simple butternut squash chili recipe that we usually do in the slow cooker, except that it was all done in much less than an hour.  Check out the Instagram video:


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Hard work pays off; an interview with Josh. From 484 pounds to 350 and counting.

All of you know that I don’t have favorite athletes in class – except when it comes to this guy.  There is not another member who works harder in and out of the gym to reach their goals than Josh – and we have plenty of very hard working members.  One of my most memorable conversations with Josh went like this – it was sometime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas of his first few months at GrowStrong.

“Hey dude, did you have anything good over Thanksgiving?”

“Nope, stayed strict!”

“Wow, nice job!  Are you going to eat something bad over Christmas?”

“Nope.  I don’t get […]

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Weekly Grub (bachelor week)

Ok friends, sadly there is no Pinterest recipe that I followed for this week, because I have just made a random assortment of foods and eat them in no particular order.  Spaghetti squash and roasted broccoli for breakfast and grits for lunch!  However, someone at the box told me that they got a spiralizer and that they don’t know what to do with it, but I can’t for the life me remember who said that (sorry to whoever that is!) .  So here’s my absolute favorite thing with the spiralizer: click for the pin.

And here’s all of the […]

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Weekly Grub


Hey friends!  This weekend we made so much lasagna that there were two full glass baking trays and some extra filling for me to eat for lunch on Saturday.  I’m also not too big on eggplant, so we used some butternut squash instead.  Not completely paleo as you can tell because of the cheese, but fairly low carb – which gives it the friendly “keto” designation.  Here is the pin, and I hope yours is tasty!


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Weekly Grub

Hey friends!  This week we had some leftover smoked pork from Thanksgiving which made the weekend meal prep super easy – but we did manage to try out some new carrots.  Hope that your meal prep has treated you well!  You can check out the pin here.

Instagram video follows at the bottom.  See you at the box!



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Weekly Grub

Hey friends! Today we have made a new recipe – healthier hamburger helper. If you are doing super low carb feel free to omit the rice pasta that we used and put something like a butternut or spaghetti squash in the recipe instead. Hope that you enjoy it! You can find the pin on our page here.


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Weekly grub

pork bites

Hey friends!  Here’s the big item for the week: honey garlic pork bites.  Melissa is the best at going through Pinterest and finding new things for us to make, so we are never in short supply of tasty food ideas.  Meal prep is key.  If you want to feel good, you must eat good!  Here’s the pin.


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Hey friends! We are going to start getting more updates to you all on the goodies that we eat regularly, but I want to shout out one of my favorites since the holiday season is coming up and everyone could use a nice cheap awesome gift. Lo and behold, there is a contraption from the heavens to create noodles out of vegetables.
I. Love. This. Thing.
Feast (pun intended) your eyes on the spiralizer:

So go ahead and ask for one for yourself and buy one for your mama (I am, and probably my sister […]

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Constant. Forward. Progress. An Interview with Josh.

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