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What is CrossFit

GrowStrong CrossFit is a strength and conditioning gym with a focus on professional coaching to provide a workout environment for everyone.

Combining elements from gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and mobility work; it’s the preferred training system for individuals who are passionate about holistic fitness and empowering their human potential.  Our Elements program teaches you the basics of nutrition and safe functional movement in a personal training setting so that you can achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible no matter your current fitness level.  Whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle, or find a family and community to work out with, we will provide everything you need. Learn More…

Elements Course

Elements is a 1-on-1 course designed to teach you all of the fundamental strength and conditioning movements necessary to safely perform a regular daily WOD (workout of the day).

Our Elements program will coach you through all of the Olympic lifts, gymnastic bodyweight exercises, and conditioning techniques that you will encounter in a typical CrossFit class. Learn More…

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GrowStrong CrossFit is a Dynamic Strength and Conditioning Program

Combined With Such Elements as Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit is Designed for Universal Scalability Making it the Perfect Application for any Committed Individual. With easy access via I-85 and I-485, anyone from Concord, Charlotte, or the University area is only one step away from beginning a new fitness journey.
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